by Fissure of Riddles

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released June 16, 2014



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Fissure of Riddles Weymouth, UK

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Track Name: Deep Ridged Wings
Coming soon
Track Name: Moist Towelettes
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Track Name: Clematti
There lies a failure of karma divine
Hear cries from monsters of malic inside
There in the darkness of hollow divine
Here is your fortune of demons alive

Through inversion of diamonds
Walk encouraged by hindsight
All the hatred engulfs me
Laying a seige to end me

She, the harrowing void which swallows my sunlight
They the quarrelling horde which debates my downfall

Through insurgence of shadows
Wake entrusted by nightmares
All the bullshit enslaves us
Loading a game to break us

He, the travelling fool which stumbles on false ground
We, the questioning swarm which decides on true hate

We are covered to the brim
We shall lie here tonight
In your dying world

We are forced to fight it
We can still see the grand light in your dying world
Track Name: Clematti (instrumental version)
We don't take back what we did to your neighbours and friends
We count the days down till we live it all over again

I am the last judgement, your dying god
I waged the war against your lying whores
I took control from your prying souls

Poison of the living dead was drawn from my torn flesh
Recall of the dance we shared is washed from my lost mind
Preacher of the damned and bled has cleared none of our sins
Angels of the black lake fly as they shed your limbs

We look down through feathered void to your scattered remains
We broke the threshold of sight with wings to shatter your zen

I did slave day and night, your rotting corpse
I fucked the plan to save your living source
I dove into your chest, your beating pulse

Fester in the cold night sweat of your cryptic message
Relearn all emotions that bring you down from the sky
Create the unholy threat that makes pawns out of kings
Demons of the red rage come drag you into their ring

This your humanity, I want it all to end
We your harbinger, just like clouds we descend